Ton Haring has been active as an artist in the professional field since 1994.

His main styles are surrealism and magic realism. He finds inspiration in nature, science,arts, life etc.

There is a lot of attention for detail in his work. The techniques are quite similar as the techniques used by painters during the middleages, a timeperiod when attention to detail was important.

The most important tools of trade are brushes for painting, pencils, ink and digital stuff.

At this moment he is actively involved in collaborationprojects especially the Exquisite Corpse drawings.

Ton is also very active in music. Playing different instruments like basguitar, guitar, synthesizers and doundouns[West African Percussion].

Currently he is a member of Dundunba Dordt and Drainair. Barafoli and Dunumba Dordt is specialised in West African music.

Drainair is a project with Pascal Smeels. They use modern techniques to produce music in various styles.